Tickets at hand

  • Swift 3.0

    Written in the latest greatest and ready for the future.

  • Offline Support

    No connection, no problem. The app downloads all the data on first launch and caches them.

  • RxSwift

    We do reactive.

  • Clean Code

    Easy to extend, easy to reuse.



Service Provided

iOS application

Project Manager

Michael Chlubna

Tools Used

Xcode, Swift 3.0

App Store Link

Ticketportal App iOS


Our mission was to create an application that enables users to easily buy tickets for their favorite events without any trouble.


The biggest challenge during the development was to create an optimal implementation for loading a large data set during the starting of application.


We spent time optimizing the application until we were able to get the perfect finished product. We have also built Unit and UI tests to make producing the application easier. And thanks to regular interaction with the client, we were able to produce the perfect product for the users.