Forget printed materials, welcome to the digital world

  • Swift pioneer

    One of the first applications in Swift language.

  • Offline Support

    No connection, no problem. The app downloads all the data on first launch and caches them.

  • dynamic list of films

    A dynamic display of the color scheme of screened films in the film's detailed information.

  • User friendly

    Unobstrusive, helpful and simply beautiful.

  • Clean Code

    Easy to extend, easy to reuse.

  • OUtstanding Support

    New features for each festival season.



Service Provided

iOS & Android application

Project Manager

Tadeas Kriz

Tools Used

Xcode, Swift 3.0, Android Studio


Our mission was to produce an application that would replace printed brochures, the festival program and other promotional material. Therefore there is no need to print a large quantity of promotional material and this is good for the environment as well as client's budget.


For creating the Febiofest application we chose to develop in, at that time rather new, Swift language. This was a very exciting challenge - to write a great application in awesome, but new language.


We have produced an amazing product that has exceeded our expectations. We are very proud of the application and we are also proud that we were able to create a product that meets our client's vision. The Febiofest application all the necessary information about the film festival and screened films.